About our trip

Here is the Families Across Canada Itinerary

June 29 – July 1 St. John’s Newfoundland

July 2-3 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

July 4-5 Prince Edward Island

July 6 Fredricton, New Brunswick

July 7 Quedec City, Quebec

July 8-10 Montreal, Quebec

July 11-12 Northern Ontario

July 13-14 Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 15 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

July 16 Medicine Hat, Alberta

July 17 Calgary, Alberta

July 18 Salmon Arm, British Columbia

July 19 Vancouver, British Columbia

No trip is complete without a schedule that is almost impossible to complete! It isn’t just the driving that will be tricky, but seeing what we need to see and meeting who we need to meet!

Luke and I are still seeking families to interview as well as free couches (heck I’ll sleep on the floor) for this project.

Every stop on this journey and every meter of highway we drive in between will provide us, and our listeners with more insight into what people across our country are like. At the end we’ll have so many stories to share.

What do you think we should see?