About Jo and Luke

Jo Dworschak is a storyteller, writer, broadcaster and single mom from Victoria BC, living in Vancouver since 2001. It wasn’t until 2014 that she got over her fear of public speaking (it’s a lovely story you should ask her about) and started stand up comedy, then storytelling and then producing and hosting a show she created Story Story Lie. In 2017 she was excepted into The Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University. It’s her first attempt at post-secondary education as she has struggled with dyslexia (please excuse any spelling or grammer errors). Before taking the stage she worked as an elevator mechanic, body piercer, dog trainer and did marketing for a real estate development (worst job ever).

She loves hearing stories, meeting people and traveling on a budget. This isn’t her first big road trip. When her son Luke was seven she drove him to San Diego where they lived in the back of a Dodge Caravan and very slowly made their way home.

is 14 years old. He wishes his mom would let him stay home and allow him unlimited screen time. When asked what he thinks about their 86 hour drive across Canada he just groaned. So far he’s mainly interested in the different foods, ice cream, poutine, and all things maple. Despite his reluctance he’s a lovely young man. He’s kind, compassionate and considerate. He asks great questions and is incredibly insightful.